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The Electrical Institute is bringing non traditional sectors such as business and industry as a community that has not been engaged enough by the electrical industry. As such we feel you have been left vulnerable. We are taking steps to engage with your community to support you to provide an understanding of electrical requirements, safety and work practices that you interact with. Our goal is to inform and empower you to make the correct decisions that will best effect a good outcome for all.

Below are some bullet points of questions that we are regularly asked. We hope the answers given can assist you in understanding what is needed.

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What is an electrical certificate?

The electrical certificate you need to ask for is called a Certificate of Compliance (CoC). This certificate is issued by an electrically qualified person (EQP) for the work that they have done. The certificate specifies ....
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How do I find a compliant electrician?

There are a number of steps that can be taken for the businesses to tick off in order to feel comfortable that you have hired and acceptable electrically person (EQP). The steps to be taken are ....
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Who do I complain to about electrical work I had done?

There a number of organisations or authorities in New Zealand who deal with complaints regarding electrical work done. There is also an avenue of the New Zealand court ....
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What is tag and testing and is it required?

Yes, under the Electrical Regulations it is a legal requirement to test then tag all appliances in a work environment. Additionally, Heath and Safety ....
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Is my building electrically safe?

Due to the age of buildings and the constant change in use, a building can go from being compliant to non compliant very quickly without anyone being aware of the hazard they have created. A number of simple checks can ....
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