Electrically Qualified People

The Electrical Institute is here to provide answers to the problems within our industry. By simplifying the requirements and understanding of the Regulations, the Electrical Institute is working to make life easier for an electrically qualified person (EQP) to be compliant while working.

Below are some bullet points of questions that we are regularly asked. We hope the answers given can assist you in understanding what is needed.

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Who do I complain to about electrical work I have come across?

There are a number of organisations or authorities in New Zealand who deal with complaints regarding electrical work done.....
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Is tag and testing required and can I do it?

Yes, under the Electrical Regulations it is a legal requirement to test and tag electrical appliances. Additionally, Health and Safety....
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What is the minimum standard for operating as an electrically qualified person?

There are a number of minimum standards required by the electrical industry for you to be considered a competent person to operate in the electrical industry. Some of the standards that need to be met by law are....
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Why do I need to do testing?

Testing on all installations that you work on is a minimum requirement stated in the electrical Regulations. The reason we do testing is....
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What is supervision and how does it affect me?

Supervision is there to show you the guidelines for maintaining anyone worker you. The guidelines are stated in the Electrical Regulations. We refer to an electrically qualified person as an EQP. The Supervision rules can affect you if....
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Why do I need an electrical certificate?

As per the Electrical Regulations and Certificate of Compliance / Electrical Safety Certificate is required to be issued upon the completion of all prescribed electrical work (PEW). If you understand the use of the document it can protect you from....
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