Is tag and testing required and can I do it?

Is tag and testing required and can I do it?

Yes, under the Electrical Regulations it is a legal requirement to test and tag electrical appliances. Additionally, Health and Safety requirements may hold contractors and workers responsible for any accidents resulting from faulty appliances in the work environment.

What is tag and testing?

It is when any electrical appliances (in a work environment) is tested (with specialist test equipment) to make sure the appliance is safe to use. Once a test has been completed on an appliance, a tag is attached to it showing it has passed or failed and the date it is required to be re-tested.

Why do we do tag and testing?

Tag and testing is mandated to be done under the Electrical Regulations to make sure all equipment in the work environment is safe to use by all. There is a criteria for periods depending on the situation in the work environment which dictates at a minimum the time frame for tag and testing e.g. three monthly, six monthly, yearly etc.

Can we do our own tag and testing?

Yes, you can as long as the appointed person in your business (or yourself) has the right test gear and has completed certified training for this work.

The Electrical Institute can provide this training and test gear for an in house solution to be more cost effective and flexible for your needs.