Why do I need an electrical certificate?

Why do I need an electrical certificate?

As per the Electrical Regulations a Certificate of Compliance / Electrical Safety Certificate is legally required to be issued upon the completion of all prescribed electrical work(PEW). If you understand the use of the document it can protect you from prosecution.

By knowing and understanding how to fill out a CoC / ESC and the legal requirements around it, this document can protect you from any work you have not done and any work you have done. You are only covered legally if the CoC / ESC is correctly formatted and you have filled it out properly.

The CoC / ESC is considered the founding document for the protection of the work you do in the industry. Understanding its criteria will help you understand the compliance needed and how safety has to be met. This document has been used a number of times to remove liability / prosecution of an EQP.

If a CoC / ESC is not filled our correctly or at all, this can lead to prosecution of you as you do not have any evidence to prove your work was compliant. The number of cases in the industry that we hear about that through the lack of certificate or lack of understanding on how to fill out a certificate, has increased the exposure of the EQP to fines and loss of license.

If you are not already aware, a CoC / ESC must be filled out for any prescribed electrical work (PEW) that has been done. Very little work done by an EQP is not certifiable and there seems to be a misunderstanding or laziness in our industry that a small job / maintenance / alterations do not require certification.

  1. Has the EQP recorded his name and Registration Number? You can search on line at www.ewrb.govt.nz to see if your EQP is a Registered Electrician and has a Practising License allowing him to legally fill our the CoC.
  2. Has the EQP signed and dated the CoC?
  3. Has the EQP also completed the "Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC)" portion of the CoC?