Am I liable for electrical work on site?

Am I liable for electrical work on site?

As a non qualified electrical person you can be held responsible for electrical work and electrical safety in your work place. There are numerous instances where situations have been created by non EQP'S that have resulted in un-safe electrical work and illegal disconnection of electrical devices.

In the last year a number of EQP's have been prosecuted for an unsafe electrical environment that was created by others. Knowing this situation is becoming more common, the industry is looking at cracking down and prosecuting those who are creating these problems.

Issues that have arisen and have occurred where non EQP's have:

  1. Illegally disconnected electrical appliances (e.g. oven) for the sake of removing it so they can carry on with demolition / their own work.
  2. Have attempted to disconnect power to a segment of a building so they could work around it which created a hazard and an unsafe environment.
  3. Trades people have demolished walls or some sections of a building where electrical wiring is housed and left this wiring hanging and in a dangerous situation.

There are many more examples of these types of situations illegally happening. They have come about as trades people have not properly organised their jobs with EQP's or they feel they are doing a favour for the client. People are creating hazards that could easily cause injury or death.

The Electrical Institute is offering solutions in the coming year where you can be trained and certified by us in a number of small courses (depending on the level of electrical work you are wanting to do) e.g. safe disconnection of power.