What electrical work can I do?

What electrical work can I do?

We hear this question a lot and there is the perception in the work place that non-electrical trades can do some basic electrical work. The problem with this is that there are liability issues and the simple answer is "NO" you are not legally allowed to do any prescribed electrical work unless you are electrically qualified.

We have also heard that people such as plumbers, builders etc. can change a switch, element or disconnect power so they can carry on with their own work.


Anything electrical can only be worked on by an electrically qualified person (EQP).

The Electrical Institute understands there are cases where non electrical trades people may want to do some electrical work to not interfere with their main job. We can help with this as we are developing a number of courses to certify you as an EQP with limits on the type of work that you can do and certify. These courses will not be three to four years long as you do not need to become a fully qualified EQP. We are in the process of developing short courses from one to two days up fourteen days spread over three months depending on the course.