Non Electrical Trades

The Electrical Institute is taking steps to clarify for non electrical trades people the boundaries of their work in relation to electricity. It is very important that you understand legally what you can and cannot do. We believe that working with groups of trades people, we can assist with simple documentation to help protect you from the electrical industry and advise you of some simple steps you can take when hiring or working with an electrically qualified person (EQP).

Below are some bullet points of questions that we are regularly asked. We hope the answers given can assist you in understanding what is needed.

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Who do I complain to about electrical work I had done?

There a number of organisations or authorities in New Zealand who deal with complaints regarding electrical work done. There is also an avenue of the New Zealand court....
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What is tag and testing and is it required?

Yes, under the Electrical Regulations it is a legal requirement to test then tag all appliances in a work environment. Additionally, Heath and Safety....
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What electrical work can I do?

We hear this question a lot at there is the perception in the work place that non-electrical trades can do some basic electrical work. The problem with this as there are liability issues and the simple answer is....
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Am I liable for electrical work on site?

As a non qualified electrical person (EQP) you can be held responsible for electrical work and electrical safety in your work place. There are numerous instances where situations have been created by non EQP'S....
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