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The Electrical Institute has decided to engage with the public as a response to looking into the electrical industry as a whole. We found a clear lack of engagement by our industry with the public in general. We fell this lack of engagement means the public is often not clearly informed of what can and cannot be done or any legal requirements in relation to electrical work. By not educating the public and allowing them to make informed decisions, we have electrical work that is often not up to standard etc and disputes can arise through misunderstandings.

Below are some bullet points of questions that we are regularly asked. We hope the answers given can assist you in understanding what is needed.

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Can I do my own electrical work and repairs?

The short answer is Yes, the public can do their own electrical work within strict conditions. The Electrical Regulations....
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Does my switchboard need replacing and is it safe?

The answer is not a clear cut yes or no. The answer is reliant on a number of factors, but, in a lot of cases your switchboard is....
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Should I replace my existing lights with led lights?

Led lights are very cost effective to run in comparison to standard lighting, but, we do not suggest you automatically swap over to led lights with doing and audit on use, power....
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How do I find a compliant electrician?

There are a number of steps that can be taken for the public to tick off in order to feel comfortable that you have hired and acceptable electrically qualified person (EQP).The steps to be taken are....
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What is an electrical certificate?

The electrical certificate you need to ask for is called a Certificate of Compliance(CoC). This certificate is issued by an electrically qualified person (EQP) for the work that they have done. The certificate specifies ....
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Who do I complain to about electrical work I had done?

There a number of organisations or authorities in New Zealand who deal with complaints regarding electrical work done. There is also an avenue of the New Zealand court....
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