Should I replace my existing lights with led lights?

Should I replace my existing lights with led lights?

Led lights are very cost effective to run in comparison to standard lighting, but, we do not suggest you automatically swap over to led lights without doing an audit on use, power and existing light fittings to see if there is a cheaper alternative than changing fully over to led lights.

Even though the cost to run led lights is approximately 80% less than standard lights, the cost to swap over to led lights can be quite high so we suggest doing a number of simple steps to ascertain whether you can achieve savings without a full move over to led lights. If you do swap to fully led lights then you need to work out the pay back time period for the initial money spent on the change over.

We suggest that you initially pick one room in your house where you can change your existing light bulb inside the existing light fitting with an led light bulb. This allows you to see how easy this was to achieve cost wise, whether you are still getting enough light in the room from it and if you like the colour of the light bulb. If you find that you do like the new led lighting in that room then you can slowly room by room change all the existing light bulbs with led light bulbs.

If you want to replace your existing light fittings for led light fittings (e.g. recessed downlights) you will need to work out the cost of the light fitting and installation and compare this to power savings to work out the payback time.

Example -- lounge with six recessed downlights to be replaced.

6 x recessed led lights (average light price is $30.00) 180.00
Cost for electrician to take down existing recessed fittings and replace with led fittings (estimated time 1.5 hours) 185.00
Estimated cost of a Certificate of Compliance for work done 25.00
Costings given are estimates only 390.00

Cost of running existing recessed lights
.30c per kw x (6 x 100w light bulbs) 600watts x 4 hours per day
Multiply by 365 days 262.80
Cost of running led recessed lights
.30c per kw x (6 x 10w light bulbs) 60watts x 4 hours per day
Multiply by 365 days 25.55

As you can see for installing 6 new led recessed light fittings it would take approximately 1.5 years to recover your initial cost, after this period you will be saving approximately $237.00 per year in power.