What is an electrical certificate?

What is an electrical certificate?

The electrical certificate you need to ask for is called a Certificate of Compliance (CoC). This certificate is issued by an electrically qualified person (EQP) for the work that they have done. One of the things certificate specifies is that the work has been done in a and compliant manner as per the Electrical Regulations. Your copy of the CoC should be held by you in case of any issues or for use by insurance companies, Councils or other trades people.

There are a number of things you need to know about this certificate as this certificate is a legal document and vital in protecting your interests.

All prescribed electrical work (PEW) by law has to have a CoC issued. There is very little work in the electrical industry that does not require this. It is a legal requirement that on the completion of any PEW the certifying EQP has up to twenty working days to supply you with a copy of the CoC. If the EQP does not comply with issuing you a CoC either on the day of job completion of PEW or within the maximum twenty working days allowed, then the EQP can be prosecuted.

There a number of things when you receive your CoC to ensure it is compliant, here are some of them.

  1. Has the EQP recorded his name and Registration Number? You can search on line at www.ewrb.govt.nz to see if your EQP is Registered and has a Practising License allowing him to legally fill our the CoC.
  2. Has the EQP signed and dated the CoC?
  3. Has the EQP also completed the "Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC)" portion of the CoC?